Ella waitress.

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Ella said that she would be able to hold their breath longer if she is engaged in something, it distracts her. Then we came up with a new job. Ella must first collect cups and to put them on a tray that in the other corner of the pool. She must bring 6 cups. But every time it will be only one cup. She must do this work without any breathing. The second time she has to do the same. But she must take and bring the tray back and put back all the cups. Then it must bring the tray in first point. She must do this work without any breathing too. You can see that she at the limit, but continues to smile. At some point, we were afraid that it would end blackout. But Ella is a very strong girl. She did exactly as she planned. You do not stop to wonder and will ask themselves. She is a girl or a fish?



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1 review for Ella waitress.

  1. 5 out of 5

    Nice! I have seen many different before, but this is real shooting. How does she do it ???

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